TOP TEN tissues for 1023_at (Homo sapiens)

Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene: 1023_at
Selected probe(set): 207257_at
Platform: Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array

Expression of 1023_at (207257_at) across 298 tissues tested by GENEVESTIGATOR:

orbital adipose tissue

Expression (log2-scale):10.931639
Number of Samples:97
Anatomical Part orbital adipose tissue
Hierarchy Tissue > connective tissue > adipose tissue (fat)

lacrimal gland

Expression (log2-scale):10.683075
Number of Samples:70
Anatomical Part lacrimal gland
Hierarchy Tissue > sensory organ system > eye > lacrimal apparatus

ovarian stroma

Expression (log2-scale):10.502459
Number of Samples:8
Anatomical Part ovarian stroma
Hierarchy Tissue > reproductive system > female reproductive system > ovary (female gonad)

rectosigmoid colonic mucosa

Expression (log2-scale):10.136478
Number of Samples:39
Anatomical Part rectosigmoid colonic mucosa
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > gastrointestinal tract > intestine > large intestine > colorectum > colon > rectosigmoid colon

internal (medial) globus pallidus

Expression (log2-scale):10.017973
Number of Samples:18
Anatomical Part internal (medial) globus pallidus
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system > central nervous system (CNS) > brain (encephalon) > forebrain (prosencephalon) > telencephalon (cerebrum) > cerebral hemisphere > basal ganglia > corpus striatum > globus pallidus > dorsal pallidum

heart right atrial appendage

Expression (log2-scale):9.87684
Number of Samples:25
Anatomical Part heart right atrial appendage
Hierarchy Tissue > circulatory system > cardiovascular system > heart > heart muscle (myocardium, cardiac muscle) > heart atrium > heart right atrium


Expression (log2-scale):9.770763
Number of Samples:235
Anatomical Part sputum
Hierarchy Tissue > respiratory system

fetal brain

Expression (log2-scale):9.764759
Number of Samples:10
Anatomical Part fetal brain
Hierarchy Tissue > gestational structure > fetal tissue / fluid > fetus


Expression (log2-scale):9.746111
Number of Samples:3109
Anatomical Part liver
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > liver and biliary system

liver and biliary system

Expression (log2-scale):9.744917
Number of Samples:3110
Anatomical Part liver and biliary system
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system