TOP TEN tissues for 1284_at (Homo sapiens)

Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene: 1284_at
Selected probe(set): 218236_s_at
Platform: Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array

Expression of 1284_at (218236_s_at) across 298 tissues tested by GENEVESTIGATOR:

sural nerve

Expression (log2-scale):14.768264
Number of Samples:35
Anatomical Part sural nerve
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system > peripheral nervous system (PNS) > peripheral nerve

peripheral nervous system (PNS)

Expression (log2-scale):14.697441
Number of Samples:51
Anatomical Part peripheral nervous system (PNS)
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system

fetal brain

Expression (log2-scale):14.547319
Number of Samples:10
Anatomical Part fetal brain
Hierarchy Tissue > gestational structure > fetal tissue / fluid > fetus

joint synovium

Expression (log2-scale):14.430983
Number of Samples:93
Anatomical Part joint synovium
Hierarchy Tissue > musculoskeletal system > skeletal system (except bone marrow) > joint > joint capsule


Expression (log2-scale):14.295713
Number of Samples:96
Anatomical Part joint
Hierarchy Tissue > musculoskeletal system > skeletal system (except bone marrow)

iliac vein

Expression (log2-scale):14.149845
Number of Samples:2
Anatomical Part iliac vein
Hierarchy Tissue > circulatory system > cardiovascular system > vascular system > blood vessel > vein

tendon synovium

Expression (log2-scale):14.066969
Number of Samples:5
Anatomical Part tendon synovium
Hierarchy Tissue > musculoskeletal system > tendon

reconstructed epidermal model

Expression (log2-scale):14.038063
Number of Samples:12
Anatomical Part reconstructed epidermal model
Hierarchy Organotypic / 3D culture

cerebrospinal fluid

Expression (log2-scale):13.972685
Number of Samples:86
Anatomical Part cerebrospinal fluid
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system > central nervous system (CNS)

pancreatic islet (islet of Langerhans)

Expression (log2-scale):13.963691
Number of Samples:292
Anatomical Part pancreatic islet (islet of Langerhans)
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > pancreas