TOP TEN tissues for 1431_at (Homo sapiens)

Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene: 1431_at
Selected probe(set): 209975_at
Platform: Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array

Expression of 1431_at (209975_at) across 557 tissues tested by GENEVESTIGATOR:


Expression (log2-scale):18.867012
Number of Samples:878
Anatomical Part liver
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > liver and biliary system

liver and biliary system

Expression (log2-scale):18.866922
Number of Samples:879
Anatomical Part liver and biliary system
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system


Expression (log2-scale):15.678749
Number of Samples:2202
Anatomical Part hepatocyte
Hierarchy Cell type > alimentary system cell > liver and biliary system cell > liver cell > hepatic mucosa cell > hepatic epithelium cell

hepatic mucosa cell

Expression (log2-scale):15.669441
Number of Samples:2206
Anatomical Part hepatic mucosa cell
Hierarchy Cell type > alimentary system cell > liver and biliary system cell > liver cell

alimentary system cell

Expression (log2-scale):15.579033
Number of Samples:2296
Anatomical Part alimentary system cell
Hierarchy Cell type

liver-infiltrating lymphocyte

Expression (log2-scale):14.914262
Number of Samples:19
Anatomical Part liver-infiltrating lymphocyte
Hierarchy Cell type > hematopoietic and immune system cell > leukocyte > lymphoid leukocyte > lymphocyte

esophagus (oesophagus)

Expression (log2-scale):14.153489
Number of Samples:27
Anatomical Part esophagus (oesophagus)
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > gastrointestinal tract

cerebral cortex astrocyte

Expression (log2-scale):12.545254
Number of Samples:2
Anatomical Part cerebral cortex astrocyte
Hierarchy Cell type > nervous system cell > central nervous system cell > glia cell > astrocyte > astrocyte (unspecified) > brain astrocyte (unspecified) > forebrain astrocyte > telencephalon astrocyte


Expression (log2-scale):12.467494
Number of Samples:78
Anatomical Part epidermis
Hierarchy Tissue > integumentary system > skin


Expression (log2-scale):12.44113
Number of Samples:2758
Anatomical Part skin
Hierarchy Tissue > integumentary system