TOP TEN tissues for 38958_at (Homo sapiens)

Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene: 38958_at
Selected probe(set): 210577_at
Platform: Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array

Expression of 38958_at (210577_at) across 298 tissues tested by GENEVESTIGATOR:

pancreatic islet (islet of Langerhans)

Expression (log2-scale):13.803841
Number of Samples:292
Anatomical Part pancreatic islet (islet of Langerhans)
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > pancreas


Expression (log2-scale):13.283663
Number of Samples:405
Anatomical Part pancreas
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system

renal (kidney) medulla

Expression (log2-scale):12.0762005
Number of Samples:8
Anatomical Part renal (kidney) medulla
Hierarchy Tissue > urinary system > kidney


Expression (log2-scale):11.692482
Number of Samples:1620
Anatomical Part kidney
Hierarchy Tissue > urinary system

heart left ventricle

Expression (log2-scale):11.673613
Number of Samples:140
Anatomical Part heart left ventricle
Hierarchy Tissue > circulatory system > cardiovascular system > heart > heart muscle (myocardium, cardiac muscle) > heart ventricle

urinary system

Expression (log2-scale):11.664943
Number of Samples:1646
Anatomical Part urinary system
Hierarchy Tissue

renal (kidney) cortex

Expression (log2-scale):11.6445055
Number of Samples:15
Anatomical Part renal (kidney) cortex
Hierarchy Tissue > urinary system > kidney

inguinal lymph node

Expression (log2-scale):11.235486
Number of Samples:94
Anatomical Part inguinal lymph node
Hierarchy Tissue > hematopoietic and immune system > lymphoid tissue > lymph node

anterior cingulate cortex

Expression (log2-scale):11.230347
Number of Samples:32
Anatomical Part anterior cingulate cortex
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system > central nervous system (CNS) > brain (encephalon) > forebrain (prosencephalon) > telencephalon (cerebrum) > cerebral hemisphere > cerebral cortex (neopallium) > cerebral cortex lobe / region > cingulate cortex > anterior cingulate gyrus

lateral thalamic nucleus

Expression (log2-scale):11.223303
Number of Samples:4
Anatomical Part lateral thalamic nucleus
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system > central nervous system (CNS) > brain (encephalon) > forebrain (prosencephalon) > diencephalon