TOP TEN tissues for Q99424 (Homo sapiens)

Organism: Homo sapiens
Gene: Q99424
Selected probe(set): 205364_at
Platform: Affymetrix Human Genome U133 Plus 2.0 Array

Expression of Q99424 (205364_at) across 537 tissues tested by GENEVESTIGATOR:


Expression (log2-scale):15.245632
Number of Samples:625
Anatomical Part liver
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > liver and biliary system

liver and biliary system

Expression (log2-scale):15.243736
Number of Samples:626
Anatomical Part liver and biliary system
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system

renal tubulointerstitium

Expression (log2-scale):14.313567
Number of Samples:206
Anatomical Part renal tubulointerstitium
Hierarchy Tissue > urinary system > kidney > nephron


Expression (log2-scale):14.061409
Number of Samples:8
Anatomical Part jejunum
Hierarchy Tissue > alimentary system > gastrointestinal tract > intestine > small intestine


Expression (log2-scale):13.556036
Number of Samples:1548
Anatomical Part kidney
Hierarchy Tissue > urinary system

cerebral cortex astrocyte

Expression (log2-scale):13.550938
Number of Samples:2
Anatomical Part cerebral cortex astrocyte
Hierarchy Cell type > nervous system cell > central nervous system cell > glia cell > astrocyte > astrocyte (unspecified) > brain astrocyte (unspecified) > forebrain astrocyte > telencephalon astocyte

urinary system

Expression (log2-scale):13.543171
Number of Samples:1560
Anatomical Part urinary system
Hierarchy Tissue

right ventricle interventricular septum

Expression (log2-scale):13.526623
Number of Samples:81
Anatomical Part right ventricle interventricular septum
Hierarchy Tissue > circulatory system > cardiovascular system > heart > heart muscle (myocardium, cardiac muscle) > heart ventricle > heart right ventricle


Expression (log2-scale):13.520866
Number of Samples:407
Anatomical Part nephron
Hierarchy Tissue > urinary system > kidney

ileal epithelium cell

Expression (log2-scale):13.490968
Number of Samples:9
Anatomical Part ileal epithelium cell
Hierarchy Cell type > alimentary system cell > gastrointestinal tract cell > intestine cell > small intestine cell > small intestinal mucosa cell > ileal mucosa cell