TOP TEN tissues for A0A4Z3 (Rattus norvegicus)

Organism: Rattus norvegicus
Gene: A0A4Z3
Selected probe(set): 1370561_at
Platform: Affymetrix Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array

Expression of A0A4Z3 (1370561_at) across 113 tissues tested by GENEVESTIGATOR:


Expression (log2-scale):12.712458
Number of Samples:12
Anatomical Part aorta
Hierarchy Tissue > circulatory system > cardiovascular system > vascular system > blood vessel > artery

optic disk (optic nerve head)

Expression (log2-scale):12.457627
Number of Samples:11
Anatomical Part optic disk (optic nerve head)
Hierarchy Tissue > sensory organ system > eye

spinal ganglion (dorsal root ganglion)

Expression (log2-scale):11.0506525
Number of Samples:40
Anatomical Part spinal ganglion (dorsal root ganglion)
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system > peripheral nervous system (PNS)

small airway

Expression (log2-scale):11.000437
Number of Samples:158
Anatomical Part small airway
Hierarchy Tissue > respiratory system > bronchoalveolar system

bronchoalveolar system

Expression (log2-scale):10.980646
Number of Samples:228
Anatomical Part bronchoalveolar system
Hierarchy Tissue > respiratory system

breast (mammary gland)

Expression (log2-scale):10.969173
Number of Samples:66
Anatomical Part breast (mammary gland)
Hierarchy Tissue > other body part > trunk

large airway

Expression (log2-scale):10.881449
Number of Samples:70
Anatomical Part large airway
Hierarchy Tissue > respiratory system > bronchoalveolar system

peripheral nervous system (PNS)

Expression (log2-scale):10.743682
Number of Samples:71
Anatomical Part peripheral nervous system (PNS)
Hierarchy Tissue > nervous system

respiratory system

Expression (log2-scale):10.741797
Number of Samples:382
Anatomical Part respiratory system
Hierarchy Tissue

adrenal gland medulla (adrenal medulla)

Expression (log2-scale):10.476607
Number of Samples:4
Anatomical Part adrenal gland medulla (adrenal medulla)
Hierarchy Tissue > endocrine system (except testis and ovary) > adrenal gland